RKA Minutes for General PA Meeting

Monday, September 20, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Next meeting 10/4/21 at 7pm

  1. Presidents’ Welcome: Robin Weinstein & Pamela Brasier

    1. Reminder every parent/guardian, of a student is a member of the PA

  2. PA Emails - RKAPA141@gmail.com

    1. Email us if you are not getting the emails 

  3. Merchandise Update

    1. We are working with a vendor, Parkview, and they may have Phys Ed shirts by Friday and thanks to Ms. O’Mara for being flexible for children that do not have Phys Ed shirts

    2. Keep placing orders as money raised goes back into the school in the form of mini grants

  4. Upcoming Fundraisers

    1. Yankee Game - 10/2/2021, 1:00PM

      1. If you are interested please email PA with subject line Yankees Tickets

      2. Tickets are $60.00 each

    2. Car Wash - 10/17/2021

      1. We need volunteers so please email the PA

      2. Glenda Hall is the point person for this fundraiser

    3. Rock the Block - 11/14/2021, save the date

  5. Parent coordinator: Ms. Julie Prince

    1. Please email if you have questions

  6. Principal’s Welcome: Ms. Lori O’Mara

    1. Upcoming Event: Back to School night, parents can log in through the student’s account

    2. All meetings with teachers will be virtual this year

    3. Website calendar will have all the dates 

    4. Coffee with the Principal will be this Friday, 9/24/21 at 9AM

  7. Presentation by School Guidance Counselors Ms. Byrd and Ms. Cuello Gutierrez

    1. Shared helpful tips on helping the students 

    2. Parenting during COVID has been difficult

    3. Help your students by teaching them self care

    4. Students and parents are not alone, School Guidance Counselors are here to help

    5. Presentation was recorded and will be available on the PA website

  8. Coming Soon...

    1. SLT Elections

    2. Open to one 6th grade parent

    3. Treasurer’s Report

    4. 2021-2022 Budget 

    5. Next PA meeting is on 10/4/21 at 7pm