RKA PA Minutes for Executive Board Meeting

September 27, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Attendees: Robin, Pamela, Diane, Hillary, Michelle, Melvin, Glenda, Marian, Lori, Rigo

  1. Presidents’ Report: Robin Weinstein & Pamela Brasier

    1. Merchandise Update

1.   We have some!

·       Marcia will distribute

                                        ii.         Teachers’ Shirts

b.   Blackstone’s Meet & Greet - 10/13/21, 6-8

1.   Michelle’s Flyer

·       We should add reply by date: 10/11/21

·       Adults only

                                        ii.         There will be food and drink tickets

·       one ticket for slider, fingers, fries, one for 1 drink

                                      iii.         Ask Julie Prince to email 6th and 7th Grade Parents

c.    Yankee Game

  1. A small response

  2. For spring reach out earlier and try not to conflict with PS 24 PS 81

d.            Bylaws 

Submit changes before 10/11/21

                                                   .ie. asking parents for $50.00

e.            Posting minutes

will be posted to website

2.            Fundraiser Committee Updates - Going forward, Chairs will present at General PA Meetings.  This is a good way to show that all of the Executive Board plays an active role in making a successful PA  

a.            Glenda: Car Wash - 10/17/2021, 10-2

·       figured out we may not need a permit

·       have contacted the local Fire Dept. House for hydrant

·       by majority vote rain date is 10/23/21

·       need for donations of towels, sponges, 


b.   Rigo: Rock the Block - 11/14/2021

·       Speak on save the date at general meeting

·       At the General PA Meeting make a request for a DJ 

c.    3Ms: Election Day Bake Sale - 11/2/2021

·       Michelle, Melvin, Monica

·       discussion of purchasing baked goods

·       Coffee was a big seller last year

d.   Hillary: Instagram: rka_141_pa

·       trying to link with PA Facebook page

·       We should put PA Facebook, IG  and email on all flyers

3.            SLT Elections - Intro by Susan Tineo Martinez?

a.            Open to one 6th grade parent

b.            Rigo confirmed Susan Tineo Martinez to speak on what SLT does and why she joined SLT

c.            Ask Julie Prince to send an email to the 6th Grade Parents

4.            Approve 2021-2022 Budget 

a.            Diane presented Budget to the board

b.            Discussion of the various budget items

c.            Budget will be presented during October’s General PA Meeting.