RKA PA Minutes for Executive Board Meeting

September 13, 2021, 7:00 PM

Attendees: Robin, Pamela, Diane, Marcia, Hillary, Michelle, Melvin, Glenda, Marian, Lori, Rigo

  1. Presidents’ Report

    1. Orientations 

·       clothing sales highly successful

·       2 days of total sales of $6,539.90

b.   Welcome Back Lunch

·       teachers loved it

·       great feedback

c.    Merchandise Update

1.   teacher shirts

·       bringing back collared staff T-Shirts

                                        ii.         delays

d.   lack of stock 

e.   Possible meeting guests

·       Looking at Elected Officials and representatives from the DOE to speak at General PA Meetings

2.            Fundraiser Chairs

a.            Car Wash - 10/17/2021

·       Glenda, Marcia, and Michelle volunteered to chair

·       Hours 10AM - 2pm

b.   Rock the Block - 11/14/2021

·       Rigo volunteered to chair

·       students will solicit donations 

3.            Committees?

a.            Fundraising

·       would like to try new events

·       try to have different chairs for each event

·       keep eyes wide open for parents to recruit

b.   Hospitality

·       like getting parents to sign up for; email list, volunteering and encouraging overall participation


c.    Nominating 

·       Executive Board will recruit from the General PA closer to January

·       The interested person cannot run for office on the Executive Board

4.            Thoughts for 9/20 General Meeting agenda

·       discussion of budget for presentation at General PA meeting

5.            Bylaws

a.            Please review the bylaws prior to the next meeting

·       trying to get an Alumni Outreach position to increase fundraising potential for the school

·       any changes to be approved by General PA membership and FACE

try to create a draft that is shareable