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Staff Listing

Abreu, Carmen World Languages

Almonte, Isa World Languages

Andre, Nadine Special Education

Aponte-Acosta, Jenn  Guidance - Grade 7 (A-K) Grade 8 (all)

Askin, Ryan  ELA

Baker, Malcolm Physical Education

Baumler, Jennifer  Special Education

Benack, Cole  Mathematics

Benitez, Catherine  Guidance - Related Services

Berinati, Therese Special Education

Berlow, Corey ELA

Boccheciamp, Joshua ELA

Bonet, Michael ELA

Boothe, Michelle Mathematics

Boyne, Nuala Secretary

Bradshaw, Courtney Social Studies

Burrowes, Mark Special Education

Byrd, Joslie Guidance - High School A-K

Carballo, Lucy World Languages

Castiner, Lori Music

Chin, Ricarda Special Education

Clarke, Jeanette Speech

Concepcion, Ariana World Languages

Cruz, Roseangela   Science

Cuello-Guitierrez, Johanna Guidance

Cunningham, Samantha Science

Cushing, William Social Studies

D'Amico,Jamie Speech

Dangerfield, Charisse Paraprofessional

Daniel, Monique School Assessment Team

Dawson, Aimee Special Education

DeVery, Patrick Social Studies

Diamond,Peggy School Aide

DiCanio, Robert Special Education

DiCanio, Sapphire Mathematics

Doherty, Katherine Special Education

Edmond, Lesly  Senior Advisor/Mathematics

Eisenberg, Michele Guidance - High School L-Z

Encarnacion, Suezette Special Education

Fee, Campbell Science

Ferreira, Deana Dean - Grade 7 (A-L) Grade 8 (all)

Flanagan, Michael Social Studies

Franczkiewicz, Thomas Mathematics

Gilmore, Jacqueline ELA

Gomez, Magda Special Education

Gonzalez, Katherine Special Education

Gordian, Martha Counseling in Schools

Gordon, Stephanie Mathematics

Grant, Ronnell Special Education

Hill, Michele Visual Arts

Hope, Abbey ELA

Jackson, Scott Physical Education

Jemiolo, Kaedin Science

Johnson, Kimberly ELA

Johnson, Gloria  Youth Development Counselor

Kaminski, Amy Art

Kashi, Amit Science

Keane, Marita Special Education

Knecht, Melissa Science

Krause, Julianne Special Education

Kurtz,Rachel ELA

Lainaste, Amanda Special Education

Laks, Jordan Special Education

Lallo, Ahmed Social Studies

Lee, Helen School Assessment Team

Lepetit, Michael ELA

Lewis, Kim Dean - grades 9 and 10

Lockhart, Soremi Guidance

Lopez, Crisenny World Languages

Loving, Julia Library/Media

Lustig, Sheilagh Assistant Principal - High school Testing Coordinator

Marinelli, Vincent Special Education

Marino, Sarah Mathematics

Martinez, Gabriela World Languages

May, Danielle Mathematics

McCloggan, Nyafa ENL

McGee, Matthew ELA

Memos, Sofia Physical Education

Mena-Morillo, Griselda Visual Art

Miller, Stacy  Assistant Principal - Middle School  & Special Education Supervisor

Munoz, Maria Paraprofessional

Murat, Cynthia Secretary

Naranjo, Nicole Hearing

Nevin, Kyle Social Studies

Norton, Robin English as a New Language

O'Mara, Lori Principal

Olivo, Jose Science

Orozco, Ruth   Dean - Grades 11 and 12

Papa, Angela Paraprofessional

Prado, Miledys World Languages/ Activities

Price, Charmaine Office of School Food

Prince,Julia  Parent Coordinator

Psachie, Mac Mathematics

Purdy, Stephanie Science

Quehl, Ana Special Education

Rabinowe, Robin Social Studies

Rattigan, Chadane Mathematics

Reingold, Jonathan Dean - Grade 6 (all) Grade 7 (L-Z)

Riverapen, Tory Counseling in Schools

Roberts,Laura ELA/ Social Studies 

Robins, Erick Physical Education

Rodriguez, Cynthia Secretary

Rodriguez, Venecia Paraprofessional

Rowley, Erick Science

Santiago, Aurea School Assessment Team

Santos, Jeffrey Custodial Engineer

Sarker, Bivas Science

Saunders, Velma Attendance 

Sayed, Hanady Mathematics

Schiller, Charles ELA

Schmidt, Nicole Special Education

Scholz, Eric Assistant Principal - Math, Science, Technology, Physical Education

Sebastian, Julia Mathematics

Severiano, John Mathematics

Sforza, Paul Social Studies

Sickler, Lubijca Mathematics

Singh, Ramdat Special Education

Siracusa, Mark Guidance - Grade 6 (all) Grade 7 (M-Z)

Sitzer, Goldie Science

Sourelos, Stella English as a New Language

St. Juste, Bergil Computer Technician

Steinberger, Barry Social Studies

Sullivan, Thomas Assistant Principal - ELA, Foreign Language, Arts

Swartz, Rachel ELA

Thornhill, Angela Special Education

Vaccaro, Christine ELA

Vasquez, Luisa World Languages

Vergara, Gregorio ELA

Vignogna, Christine School Nurse

Vrettos, Roxana School Aide

Walsh, Devin Science

Werner, Christine Mathematics

Whitfield, Brianna Paraprofessional

Winston, Twana School Aide

Yordan, Edward Science

Zalantis, Helen Vocal

Zambrella, Jaclyn OT

Zulauf, Jason Physical Education

Principal O'Mara image
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Lori O'Mara


Proud Principal of The Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy since 2006.

Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy MS/HS 141

660 W. 237th Street, Bronx, NY 10463

Main School: 718 796 8516

Parent Coordinator:

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