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the Lawyer Connection Club:

Join like-minded high school students in exploring new careers in law, government, and politics. The club meets once a week via Google Meets with guest speakers who have already established themselves in their respective careers. There will be opportunities to hear the life experiences of lawyers, judges, and court officials, ask questions and receive advice on how to appropriately strive for similar success in the future. In the club, students build knowledge on higher education, job applications, interview skills, and the lifestyles of those in the professions they’re interested in. The club is free of charge and there are numerous leadership and engagement opportunities available.

CityGAP–Fall 2021, Spring 2022

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CityGAP is an outdoor, city-based, experiential program for participants age 18-22.

  • Engage with New York as a classroom, laboratory, studio and community.

  • Wrestle with the current challenges facing the city. 

  • Partner with city officials, artists, policymakers, journalists, performers, activists, entrepreneurs and more.

  • Create original group and individual projects in a variety of media.

Our program is for young people who want to connect with the world, explore their passions, master life skills, and make an impact with a supportive group of peers.


CityGAP provides a meaningful semester for year of achievement and exploration, launching students on an even more satisfying college or career path.

Application Deadline: Admission is rolling, on a first come- first served  basis. January 15th, 2023 for Spring 2023