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Fire Cadet Academy FDNY



  • Education: Candidates must have
    attended a New York City High School
    and either graduated or obtained a
    High School Equivalency Diploma
    (HSE) from New York City.

  • Citizenship: Candidates must be a
    citizen of the United States.

  • Residency: Candidates who are
    accepted into the Fire Cadet Academy
    must maintain New York City
    residency throughout the duration of
    the cadet program and will be required
    to establish New York City residency
    within 90 days of appointment.

  • Age: Candidates must be at least
    19 years of age and must not have
    reached their 27th birthday on the
    date their application is submitted.

  • Language: Candidates must clearly
    understand and be understood in

  • Physical and other requirements:
    Candidates must be physically
    fit and able to meet the medical,
    psychological, and character
    requirements of the position of

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