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Student Support

We at the Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy wish to support our students' social, emotional, and academic growth.  We design and develop programs, services, and partnerships with this in mind.

Quarantine Support 

**When the entire class is quarantining or the school has pivoted to remote, then there will be live Zooms which can be found in the Google Classrooms and students will follow their normal schedule.

**When students must quarantine, but there are still some students in their classes attending in-person at RKA, they should complete assignments in the Google Classroom for their regular classes. There are no live Zooms in this case.

**Students who are quarantining may “drop in” to one of our “Quarantine Support” tutoring rooms for content-area help according to the schedule below. These meetings are not mandatory, and attendance is not taken here, it is only to help students if they feel they need it.

Here is the link for all Zooms

Here is the link to the schedule.  

Student password resets are handled through the Guidance Counselors.  

Student Tech Support 

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