RKA Minutes for General PA Meeting

Monday, October 4, 2021, 7:00 pm via Zoom

Next meeting Monday, November 1, 2021 at 7 pm

  1. Presidents’ Welcome: Robin Weinstein & Pamela Brasier

  2. PA Emails - RKAPA141@gmail.com

    1. Email us if you are not getting the emails 

  3. Merchandise Update, Marcia Sapier

    1. T-Shirts were received, will have to wait 1-2 weeks for sweatshirts and joggers

    2. T-Shirts will be available for pick up Wednesday, (10/6/2021) between 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the main entrance to the school

    3. If that does not work, please email Marcia at bmsapier@gmail.com

  4. New 6th and 7th grade Families Meet & Greet - Blackstone 10/13/2021, 6-8

    1. Please RSVP to the RKA PA email by 10/11/21

  5. Upcoming Fundraisers Update

    1. Glenda Stricks Car Wash - 10/17/2021, 10-2

      1. Rain date will be 10/23/2021, 10-2

      2. Asking for student and parent volunteers, email RKA PA

      3. Can prepay on Venmo

      4. We need donations of drying towels or rags and snacks

      5. Students can sign up with Ms. Velez

    2. Michelle Nagy & Melvin Hunter, Election Day Bake Sale- 11/2/21

      1. We need volunteers, students and parents, email RKA PA

      2. 6AM - 9PM

      3. Need donations of baked goods

    3. Rigo Martinez, Rock the Block - 11/14/2021

      1. Save the date

      2. Walk-a-thon style fundraiser for the students

      3. If anyone is a DJ and willing to volunteer, please email the RKA PA

  6. Diane Salanto - Treasurer’s Report

    1. 2021-2022 Budget

      1. Budget presented and discussed

      2. Motion to Vote on the budget by Diane Salanto and seconded by Rigo Martinez: 5 abstentions by chat, Majority voted to approve the budget through online poll

      3. Vote redone at 7:49 pm by online poll; Majority voted to approve the budget by 93%, 1 vote to not approve, 1 abstention

  7. Susan Tineo-Martinez: SLT

    1. Open to one 6th Grade Parent

      1. She was nominated by another parent

      2. It’s been a wonderful ride

      3. Meet once per month to discuss various topics

  8. SLT Election

    1. Any parent can run

    2. Three parents nominated: Eric Kollin, Ilan Ehrlich, Melvin Hunter

    3. Vote taken by online poll; Melvin Hunter won by Majority Vote